Stalder Academy of Dance - Terms & Conditions 

(Revised January 2019)



Registration, Fees and Timetable


  • All term fees are to be paid by your first class of the new term. A late fee of £5 will be applied for fees overdue more than two weeks.. Invoices will always be sent out in plenty of time for you to meet the deadline. In the event of the invoices being sent out late, you will always be given two weeks to pay your fees.

  • Failure to pay your fees may result in the student being refused entry to classes.  Please contact us if you have difficulty paying.

  • Any student wishing to change the number of classes they attend per week must inform Stalder Academy no later than two weeks before the end of the previous term.

  • All fees are non-refundable and there is no discount for holidays or sickness.

  • No fees will be refunded for classes cancelled due to events beyond our control such as acts of god, adverse weather conditions, transport problems etc.

  • Stalder Academy reserves the right to change fees or the timetable without prior notice. However, we will endeavour to inform parents and carers of any changes as soon as possible.




The school has grown considerably over the past 12 years and will hopefully continue to do so in our beautiful new home.

This has also meant that the faculty and administration team has had to grow and we now have dedicated departments for each part of the school.


Please find below the dedicated email addresses for each department and we would be grateful if you could send any queries to the corresponding address:


General enquiries :  Reception: Lisa Livermore, Carolyn Moore and Dawn Burnell


Account Queries: Accounts: Susan Park and Miss Stalder


Exams:  Exam coordinators: Miss Carolyn and Miss Stalder


Competition Team/Private lessons :    Compteam : Miss Lawson and Miss Stalder  Schedule Coordinator: Emma Feeney




Party Enquiries:


Studio Hire:





Our preferred communication tool is email. But should you wish to contact the office during the day or reception during studio hours please use the following numbers:


Office - daytime: 0161 291 9944

Reception - studio hours:  0161 962 8333


If you wish to have a meeting in person, please book an appointment by emailing:


Social Media:


Stalder Academy have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. If you wish to communicate with us on social media, please use the school pages and not the teachers’ personal accounts or Messenger. Teachers are discouraged from accepting parents’ friends requests, unless there is an existing relationship, and will not accept friends requests and communication from students. Please make your children aware of this policy.


Uniform and Grooming:


  • All pupils must wear correct uniform for all classes and rehearsals and Stalder Jacket to and from the studio.

  • All students must have their hair neatly tied back off the face. 

  • Classical Ballet bun for Ballet/Pointe classes.

  • Students must bring their own hair equipment for class changes; no hair equipment will be provided. 

  • If students do not have correct uniform or hair, this may prevent them from participating.

  • New students will be given a period of 1 month to purchase their uniform . This is to make sure they enjoy the class and want to continue. If you are unsure about what the correct uniform is, please ask a member of staff.

  • Students must change in the changing room only and not in hallways, stairwell or in the reception area.


Studio Policies:


  • From September 2017, we will enforce a NO phone policy in our studios for students. Students are to leave their phones in a safe place at reception when they sign in to the studio and collect them as they leave. This is due to past issues occurring with students using their phones in their break times and will also promote better team morale and interaction between students. Phones will only be allowed to be used in an emergency. If you need to contact your child at the studios, please call reception on  0161 962 8333.

  • Stalder Academy do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. Do not bring valuables to the studio.

  • Any lost items will be placed in the lost property box at our John Street Studios and will be disposed of at the end of each term.

  • Rubbish should be placed in the bins provided. Toilets should always be left in the way that you would want to find them.

  • The kitchen area is not to be used by pupils unless permission is given by the Principal.

  • Teachers must not be interrupted whilst teaching. Pupils or parents should not disrupt, interrupt or walk into studios whilst other lessons are taking place.

  • Pupils are not permitted to sit in or watch other classes unless permitted to do so by the teacher.

  • Only water in plastic bottles is allowed in the dance studios. Please no NUTS on the premises as we do have a couple of children and staff with severe nut allergies.


Attendance and behaviour:


  • Punctuality is expected for all lessons and rehearsals.

  • We expect all students to show respect to their teachers and fellow students. Unacceptable behaviour in or out of class may result in dismissal from that class or, in extreme circumstances, the school.

  • The School is a professional dance and musical theatre school – please ensure all parents/carers are on the premises to collect their child/ren promptly.

  • As a school we all want to work together in a positive, happy and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Anyone who creates a negative or unpleasant atmosphere causing disruption between pupils, parents and teachers will be asked to leave immediately without refunds.

  • Parents or pupils who are verbally, emotionally or physically abusive to teachers and staff in any way (i.e. via email, telephone or on a 1:1 level) will be asked to leave the School immediately without refunds. Rudeness and bad manners will not be tolerated.


Competitive students:


  • Competition team members are invited by the Principal only. 

  • Any choreography of solos, duets or group routines are the sole property of Stalder Academy and the choreographer and as such are not to be shared on social media.

  • You will only be entered for competitions if entry fees are paid by the deadline. All competition fees are non-refundable.

  • Private lesson fees must be paid at the start of the lesson to your teacher or reception in an envelope clearly marked with the pupil’s and teacher’s name. Do not expect to have a lesson that has not been paid for.

  • Remember that you are representing Stalder Academy at all times when at competition and events and you are expected to wear Stalder Uniform at all times.


Costume Hire:

  • All hired costumes must be returned in the condition they were received. You will be asked to pay for any damaged costumes.

  • Please make sure you always add your hire fee to competition entry fees.




  • Stalder Academy reserves the right to use pictures taken in class and/or performances/competitions for promotional purposes. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree for photos/videos to be taken of your child and used for promotional purposes. No images or details will be passed to third parties. 


Child Protection: 






  • Exams sessions are held several times a year for IDTA, RAD, LAMDA and Acrobatic Arts.

  • Only once the required standard is attained will students be put forward for examinations. This decision is made by the teacher and/or Principal only.

  • Once you have completed an exam, please wait for an email to confirm a change of class time to move you to the next level.


Annual school show:


  • All pupils are invited to take part in our annual school show.

  • This is not compulsory but the students really do enjoy working together and it is always a highlight of the year.

  • As the school has grown considerably please do not expect the students to do a number for each class they attend, as the show would be much too long. All pupils will get the opportunity to be on stage and stage time is divided fairly.

  • Due to child protection laws, children now either require a full performance licence or a Body of Persons exemption. We do appreciate your cooperation in completing all relevant paperwork for any events that you participate in especially our school show.

  • Every effort is made to keep costume costs low for our shows but please remember that a lot of thought and preparation goes into all the numbers by our teachers and that if you do not want to participate in a number, please do let us know.


Studio Hire:


  • All studios and the Drama Room are available for hire. Please contact us on studiohire@stalderacademy for more information.


Teachers’ Qualifications:


  • All our staff are fully qualified and DBS checked.

  • Most are licensed chaperones and first aid qualified.