Summer School 2021 - Booking

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE - For sibling discounts and Unlimited extra and Elite discount please do not use this booking page but email with your requirements and we will send you an invoice with an online payment option or a discount code. Unfortunately the system can not calculate discounts automatically.

Covid 19-Summer School Guidance

Week 1:  

Disney now owns everything from hugely successful Musical Theatre productions on the West End and Broadway to blockbusters like Star Wars and all its children classics we know and love.

And all accompanied by stunning music this should be a very exciting week for all.


Week 2: 

Anything from your movie musicals to your classic dramas and action adventures explored through dance and drama.


Week 3: 

This week is musical theatre themed although we will not be allowed to sing. We will explore the world of musicals through a variety of dance and performance styles. 



Each week is split into three bubbles of varying ages/abilities

Bubble 1: Age 5-7

Bubble 2: Age 8+

Bubble 3: Advanced (open age, this is similar to an intensive week)

For all the health and safety guidance and practical running details please read the COVID - 19  document above.



Summer school runs from 10am-4pm (and this will be the times stated when you book) however please refer to the attached document for slightly staggered drop off and pick up times.