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Carolyn Moore

(Miss Carolyn)


Miss Carolyn was born and grew up in Manchester, and coming from a very musical family has enjoyed the performing arts from a very early age.


She joined Stalder Academy as the Musical Theatre teacher in 2006 and became a full time member of staff in January of 2007. As co-director of Stalder Productions she has staged numerous shows and events in the past few years. She is a qualified IDTA Freestyle Associate and Associate Theatre Craft teacher and is continuing her training with BarBara Sharples.


Carolyn is a member of the organising committee of the Barbara Sharples Choreographic Award.


Before joining Stalder Academy she worked to support the mainstream education of children with learning difficulties, specialising in children who are on the autistic spectrum. She feels that her experiences have enabled her to confidently approach the teaching of all children to sing & dance taking into account their individual needs. With an enthusiastic and lively approach she hopes she will continue to drive herself to achieve her dream and the dreams of the children she teaches.

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