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Pay as you Go

Pay as you go option is available for our Adult classes (£8.00 per class) & Silver Swan classes (£10 per class).

Termly Invoice

The majority of classes are invoiced for each term, and there are 6 terms each year (we follow the Trafford school term dates). Each term is between 5-7 weeks.


Class Prices

£5.25 for 45 minutes 

£7.00 for 1 hour


The following discounts apply:

2 classes or more - 5%

3 classes or more - 7%

4 classes or more - 10%

5 classes or more - 12%


Unlimited Lite

Unlimited Lite is designed for those who enjoy the flexibility of taking up to 10 classes each week and pay by convenient monthly Standing Order.



Unlimited Extra

Unlimited Extra is designed for the serious performing arts student who would like to benefit from the advanced training classes and the wide variety of extra classes on offer, but without the added commitment of competing (up to 15 classes per week)




Unlimited Elite

Unlimited Elite is designed for those who want to commit to the maximum level of training and regularly compete at the highest level in National and International Competitions such as TDCI, All England Dance, The Dance World Cup and more. Unlimited Elite covers up to 20 classes per week.




Unlimited Novice and Extra Comp

Unlimited Extra Comp is designed for those who compete in the festival team. Extra Comp Pathway is for up to 15 classes per week.






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