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Previous workshops:

Chad Taylor (Shockout)

Mike Lee (British Gymnastic)

Katy Codogno

Michael Birkin - Prof Dance Ex

Ashley Orwin and Suzie King

Mandy Montanez (SYTYCD)


Michael Birkin - Prof Dance Ex

Mandy Montanez

Emma Layne

Suzie Mitchell

Mia Diaz - star of dance mums Miami

Lee Gumbs and Patrick Daniel

Alicia Beck (West End)

Rachel Hernon - Professional Ballerina

Laura Davenport - Prof Dance Exp

Adrienne Canterna and Jace Zeimantz


Hip Hop Workshop

Advanced Gymnastics

Rambert Contemporary Workshop

Ballet Workshop and Masterclass

Contemporary Workshop (Rambert)

Contemporary Jazz Workshop


Ballet Workshop and Materclass

Day of Masterclasses

Advance Ballet Workshop

Advanced Contemporary Workshop

Jazz and technique masterclass

Bad Boys of Dance - Jazz/Contemporary

Cats Workshop

Russian Ballet Masterclasses

Sleeping Beauty  Workshop

Romeo andJuliette/ Jazz Masterclass


New Workshops coming soon!


  • Advanced Tap

  • Musical Theatre Rep

  • Flexibililty and Technique

  • Ballet

  • and more





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