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Grooming / uniform and class etiquette

All Stalder Academy students are expected to adhere to the rules below at all times.
This is essential to creating the right learning environment for everyone.

  1. Hair must be tied back in all classes. Classical ballet bun for all theatre subjects with fringes securly pinned off the face. 

  2. The correct uniform must be worn for all classes. If you do not have the required uniform you may be asked to observe the class. For more information visit our uniform page.

  3. Uniform should be clean and neat.

  4. If you are more than 5 minutes late to a class you may not be able to participate in that class and may be asked to observe.

  5. Please do NOT enter the studio if the music is playing and always knock before you enter.

  6. Water only in the studio.

  7. Please look after your personal belongings and make sure all items are labelled.

  8. No Jewellery allowed in dance class.

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