2018-19 Season

26th July- 4th August: All England Finals in London

July: IDTA Manchester Dance Festival in Bury

5th-9th August: Dance Camp

12th-16th August: Dance Camp

19th-23rd August: Dance Camp

2019-20 Season

Start of 2019/2020 Season


2nd Sept: Start of Term 1

7th, 8th Sept: Burnley Dance Festival

13th, 14th, 15th Sept: Burnley Dance Festival

21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th Sept: Crewe Dance Festival

21st Sept: BSICA Awards

13th Oct: Manchester Half Marathon

19th Oct: End of Term 1

28th Oct: Start of Term 2

November: Warrington Dance Festival

21st-24th Nov: TDCI English Championships at Sale Waterside

Nov: Sale Christmas Light Switch On

6th-29th Dec: Snow White Panto at the Opera House

8th Dec: Stalder Christmas Fair

14th Dec: End of Term 2


6th Jan: Start of Term 3

18th,19th, 25th, 26th Feb: Deva Dance Festival

8th Feb: End of Term 3


15th-16th Feb: IDTA Theatre Awards at the RNCM

17th Feb: Start of Term 4

29th Feb: Nelson Festival

1st, 7th,8th March: Nelson Festival

28th March: End of Term 4 

5th April: Manchester Marathon 

30th March - 3rd April: Easter Dance camp

April: Easter Egg Party


14th April: Start of Term 5

25th, 26th April: Blackburn Festival

2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th May: Blackburn Festival

May: IDTA Freestyle Scholarship

23rd May: End of Term 5 

May -June: North Cheshire Dance Festival

May: Urmston Stage Festival

1st-5th June: Whit Dance Camp

8th June: Start of Term 6

June: Sale Festival 

July: IDTA Congress in Southport

18th July: End of Term 6

19th July: Annual Medal Presentation

July: IDTA Manchester Dance Festival in Bury

31st July - 2nd August: Disneyland Paris Showcase

3rd-7th August: Dance Camp

10th-14th August: Dance Camp

17th-21st August: Dance Camp