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The Stalder 

Stalder Academy of Dance and the Performing Arts was named after Josef Stalder, a Gold Medal winning Olympic and World Champion gymnast who was also the grandfather of principal Marina Stalder. Sepp (as most know him) Stalder had a prolific coaching career after he stopped competing on the world stage. He was always keen to train the next generation of great gymnasts and his legacy lives on today. Read more about his life here.


Marina Stalder hopes that with Stalder Academy of Dance and Stalder Gymnastics we are part of that legacy in training great sport talents and artists.


His name is still important in Gymnastics today as one of the compulsory moves was invented by and named after him. The "Stalder" is a move usually performed on the high bar (men) and the asymmetric bars (women) and it is now performed by every world class gymnast as part of their routine.


Below is a video of how to do a Stalder and the breakdown of the technique (apologies it is in French - we will post an English one as soon as we find one!)





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