CORONA VIRUS -  UPDATE 29th March 2020



Stalder Academy  - Update 29th March 2020


Good evening Stalder Dance Family 


I hope you are all keeping safe and adjusting to this new way of normal.

I want to update you on our future plans and the ways in which you can keep engaged in the school. 


  1. Fees 

I do not feel it is appropriate for me to send out invoices for Term 5 or 6 as previously stated. It is very uncertain when we will be getting back to regular classes at this stage.

I know some of you have expressed the desire to want to support the school by making a payment into the account which is such a kind thought and my heartfelt thanks goes out to you. 

But all monies you wish to pay will be credited to your future invoices . Equally please do not feel obligated to help at all as I am sure many of you are struggling to cope with everyday costs as it is. 

By supporting our new online services below you will be doing more than enough. 


  1. Standing Orders

Again some of you have pledged your support by continuing to pay your standing order payments which definately helps with the March wages and any running costs that still need to be paid. But equally if this is something you can not do then that is completely understandable. Please could you let me know what you decide.

All our Stalder Academy online content going forward will be free of charge to all standing order customers with added bonuses for extra and elite members.

Individual emails to standing order customers will go out to each of you with more detailed services we will be able to offer if you decide to continue to pay. 


  1. Private Lessons

Private lessons will be available via Zoom and/or FaceTime. Again details of teachers ,fees and time slots on offer will go out asap. 


  1. Online learning

I have added a dedicated page to our website for online learning which is only available to our students. Simply sign up as a member which is free of charge to access the page.

There you will find our online live class timetable via zoom.  This will start tomorrow with a few classes a week but we hope to build depending on demand.  These classes need to be booked and a class fee applies (except for standing order customers)

You will also find our video library of recorded class content for you to do at your own pace at home. 

Some content will be free and some will be subject to a subscription charge. Again new content will be added daily.


  1. Competition Team 

We have lots of ideas in mind to keep you engaged and motivated throughout this time and will email you with full details over the next couple of days. 


  1. Daily online challenge 

If you are connected to us on social media (facebook, Instagram) please come and have some fun by joining in our Daily Lockdown Challenge. Something new and fun everyday and each winner will receive a small gift from us once we come back to class. I will also keep a running tally and the dancer with the most entries over the next week also receives a special prize. 


  1. Website

We are currently working hard to update the rest of our website as soon as possible but as you an imagine with so many changes that takes time. We ask you to bare with us while we do this.


 I do hope that all of you are staying safe at home. A huge thank you to those amongst you who work in any of the front line services. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.


With warmest regards and thank you for your continued support.


Miss Stalder