Following the Prime Minister's announcement last night and as schools will now be closing after Friday,  means we will also be postponing all regular classes until further notice from this weekend. 

Our last classes will run on Friday evening. 

NO Saturday classes are running.

We will remain open and continue to offer classes today and tomorrow.


We completely understand if anyone wishes to stay home.


Classes cancelled today are: Vocal ensemble

Classes cancelled tomorrow are: Private singing / piano  lessons


However to ensure everyone's safety we remind you to adhere to the following:





We ask all parents/guardians to drop their child at the entrance downstairs where a member of staff will see them in. 


Everyone including Teachers students and Visitors are asked to wash their hands in the washroom next to the reception desk immediately when entering the building. Please do not use the kitchen or toilets.


Please do not enter the building unless absolutely necessary. 


If you wish to make a payment please do so online where possible. Cash payments for private lessons should be handed to the member of staff downstairs in an envelope clearly marked with your dancer's name and whose lesson you are paying for or alterantively your child can hand this in at reception.


Our Card machine is also now up and running and you will be able to make Stalder Academy Ltd payments with your card at the door.


Please do not be late. 


At the end of the class we ask all students to wash their hands before leaving and a member of staff will escort the children downstairs for you to collect.


All classes, Acro/Gymnastics in particular, will adapt to avoid equipment and physical contact, focusing on strengthening and flexibility and skills without physical contact.


Can we ask that they arrive in what they are intending on wearing in class and avoid bringing bags and multiple items of clothing.

Once again:


We would also like to reassure everyone once again that we are doing everything we can at the studio with regards to cleanliness of the studios, reception space and toilets. A revised hourly Cleaning schedule is in place for both reception and studios and for after each class.  All ballet barres will be wiped down before class and no hand props will be used in class. The toys in the waiting area have also been removed as these are too difficult to keep clean. 


We have ample soap and paper towel supplies and hand sanitiser on reception for students and staff to use. 

All children will be asked to wash their hands before class and after. 


Reminder  - Events postponed/cancelled


We are also cancelling all events with immediate effect. 

Exams today 18th March 2020

Exams 25th March 2020. 

Eater Party

Cake Sale 

Senior Musical Theatre showcase on the 18th April has also been postponed until further notice.


Plans for the future:


We are currently setting up an online class database with VIMEO and possibly other platforms so we can offer alternatives at home as and when you need them. This will be still useful once we get back to normal classes for extra practice at home. It would be really appreciated if everyone could check out vimeo and see if they can access the app via the app on their smart TV if you have one. Vimeo can be accessed via the web or via an app on mobile phones and other smart devices also. 

When we have a link to our database we will send out further info but for the time being please see the link below to VIMEO’s website. 




The great thing about VIMEO is that we could offer daily and weekly classes across all subjects that would be permanently accessible to enable everyone to carry on training at home as best as possible. The videos would/could include simple exercises, syllabus work, free work, back catalogue videos from events we've done and more. We are planning on making different channels/subjects subscribable at an affordable fee which will go back to the teachers partaking in the recording of the videos. I'm sure everyone can appreciate that freelance teachers at this time are set to be hit massively and we are trying everything we can to accommodate and support them..




 Invoices for Term 5 will be sent out as normal over the next few days but are not normally due until the first day of the start of Term. 

If you chose to pay earlier and we have to remain closed for weeks after Easter we can credit your account for future classes. 


Standing Order Customers  - Any missed weeks of training will be made up by not breaking for Whit Holidays or/and extra training classes the in Summer. If this is not possible then a credit will be applied to next year's standing order.


 We would be hugely appreciative of anyone who could manage this as it massively assists the school in this complicated financial situation but also totally understand if people prefer to wait and see and end up not paying next terms fees.


As we said yesterday we are truly grateful for everyone's support and loyalty to the school over the years and as a close school community ask if you can continue to support the school in any way possible whilst we adapt to very different environment. 

At some point we will hopefully look back on these times and be proud of how we stuck together and supported each other. 

I know many of you are already affected and in self isolation so much love is going out to all of you.


We have attached 3 resources to help you manage anxiety and look after your mental health forwarded to us by one of our kind parents. 

We hope you will find them of some use.


We are available via all usual contact methods if anyone has any questions or concerns. 



Many thanks 


Miss Stalder and everyone at Stalder Academy x

Please continue to check the latest Government guidance and information from NHS below