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COVID 19 - Guidance  - updated 22nd January 2022

Current guidelines still follow plan B restrictions. and this is due to change again in the next couple of weeks. Please find our current guidance able 

1. Customer/ Student Registration

We continue to work with our new software called CLASS MANAGER. All students must be registered on the customer portal to be able to register for classes. Please find instructions below: 

If you are an existing customer and did NOT attend zoom classes please let us know if you wish to continue with face to face classes in Term 5. 

An email has been sent out to you and you can simply respond to that.



If you are a NEW customer please follow the link below to register your account on the new system and create your customer portal.

2. Class Registration 

Priority is given to existing students. But if there is space in a class you will be able to book through our customer portal once registered.  There has been a couple of amendments to the timetable to allow for it to flow better but if this affects you you will have been contacted via email.

However spaces are still strictly limited by Covid regulations and booking early is therefor advised.

3. Studio Covid policies 


What provisions will Stalder Academy Ltd put in place to keep everyone safe:

  1. Changing rooms / toilets are limited to 2 person at a time and should only be used when there is no option to get changed before you arrive at the studio. 

  2. Toilets / communal areas are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day.

  3. Anyone over the age of 11 is required to wear a mask in communal areas. 

  4. Good cleaning standards will be upheld throughout the day.

  5. We will contact parents/carers if your child displays symptoms of COVID-19

  6. We will inform you if staff or children in your child’s class develop symptoms of COVID- 19 whilst in the building.

  7. The timetable is designed to allow for cleaning between classes as well as manage traffic in and out of the building and between studios..

  8. There are hand-washing facilities in the changing room/toilets and hand sanitiser available on arrival into the building as well as in all the studios and reception.

  9. Children are still escorted from downstair to their studios to avoid large numbers of parents in the communal areas of the building.

  10. Staggered start times to control movement throughout the building. 


PARENTS /CARERS and STUDENTS - What rules do you need to follow to keep everyone safe:


  1. DO NOT ATTEND if you show any symptoms of COVID – 19 

  2. If your child or anyone in your child’s class starts to display symptoms you must pick your child up immediately and follow current government guidelines with regards to isolating and testing. 

  3. Good tactile and respiratory hygiene must be maintained 

  4. All persons entering the building must sanitise their hands on entry to the building.

  5. You must wash/sanitise  your hand on arrival and after you use the toilet as well as before you leave.

  6. Please  arrive when possible  in your dance uniform  which should work for all subjects (see further guidance below) 

  7. You must only bring a small drawstring or carrier bag which should contain your different dance shoes and your snack and water bottle.

  8. NO food or cutlery/dishes must be shared with each other

  9. You need to inform the school immediately of any changes to parents/carer and emergency contacts details. 

  10. Please dont  be late. If you have an appointment that prevents you from being on time you must let us know in advance and we will try and accommodate as much as potable.

4. Procedures following a positive case in the school 

Once we are informed of a positive case in your class we will that class as a precaution.

Children are no longer required to isolate as a close contact but must follow government guidelines when they display symptoms or test positive.

If in any doubt please do not attend class and join in on zoom instead. 

We will never divulge personal information or names relating to a positive case.

5. Studio rules 

  • All persons must sanitise their hands upon entry.

  • For all students over the age of 11 mask must be worn on arrival and in the corridors until current regulations change.

  • Water only in studios.

  • No outdoor shoes to be worn in studios (they must be removed in the corridor).

  • Do not bring large bags to the studio. They should only fit in what you need for that day. Limited lockers are available if you wish to store items at the studio.

  • Only healthy snacks in the studio and strictly NO NUTS.

6. Continued online provision 

Zoom classes and recorded classes will now be a permanent part of our curriculum. Not just because of Covid 19 but because we have found it a very useful medium for practice ate home and to connect with teachers and dancers around the world. This gives our students an even broader dance education than previous.

We have now integrated Zoom into our studio classes to allow those self isolating to still take part in their regular weekly classes. All classes are now avilable online via the portal. You must be registered in the class to take advantage of this service.

Over the coming weeks we will see how online provision as a tool will fit into our studio set up.

7. Fees 

All fees must be paid before the start of each term. Unpaid fees may result in you losing your place in the class as it will be offered to someone on the waiting list. 

8. What if I want to leave/change classes 

You may leave/change classes only at the end of a term. If you wish to add a class this may be possible during the term but depends on if there is space in the class and is at the teachers discretion. 

No discount or refunds are given for missed classes.

For your convenience there are multiple ways to pay:

1 Directly on the the customer portal 

2 Via Bacs (account details will be on the invoice )

3 Card facilities at the studio (by appointment only)

If you wish to visit the shop or need to talk to us face to face you can make an in studio appointment by emailing

We look forward to seeing you all back in the studio! 





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