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Dinkie Gymnastics - walking to age 3 - 10.30-11.15am - John Street Studios




Dinkie Dance - 10-10.45am - at Stanley Square Studios


Thursday at Stanley Square Studios

Dinkie Musical Story time - from 18 months - 1-1.45pm 

Dinkie Dance - 1.45-2.30pm 


Friday at Stanley Square Studios


French classes  - for babies 0 to 18 months - 10 to 10.30am
French classes  - for 18 months to 5 years old -  10.45 to 11.15am




Dinkie Dance - 9.25am-10.10am at Stanley Square Studios

Dinkie Gymnastics  - 9.30am-10.15pm - walking to age 3 at John Street



Class descriptions - All classes are designed for parent and child


Dinkie  Gymnastics 

The class starts of with a fun warm up all together. Then they will explore all sorts of new skills using lots of equipment and fun props.

This class is great for developing coordinations and muscle strength.



French Classes - ran buy

fun French classes for little ones. We use stories, songs and little games to get the children engaged. 
No need to speak French yourself, but you might learn a few words along the way...



Dinkie Dance

Using a different story every week and music we explore the basics of Ballet, Tap and Modern. 



Dinkie Musical Storytime 

Using story telling and drama this is a fun, interactive class to develop confidence, imagination and expression.


If you would like to register please follow the link below and we will be able to enrol you into the classes once you are ready.



Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.


Best wishes


Miss Stalder 

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