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Denislav Stoynev


Denislav started his dance career with modern ballet and jazz in Avangard Studio in a small town named Pernik next to the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.

After some years he finds his real passion – Street dancing. He becomes a member of Ncore Crew in Sofia and just after 1 year, they become second in the HHI Bulgaria qualifications. That is the start of his journey of becoming a professional dancer and a passionate teacher. In 2012 Denislav creates his own dance group – Switch and joins the professional dance company Acadamus. With ups and downs, Denislav dance group within the span of 3 years become one of the best Street Dance Groups in his home town Pernik, with numerous performances, own dance spectacles and dance videos. From the professional end, things were going good as well – Live performances, Free Dance in clubs and Music videos with popular Bulgarian singers.

In 2014 Denislav decides to leave Ncore and Acadamus and to concentrate solely in Street Dance like a choice for career development by joining one of the best dance companies and studios in the capital Sofia – VS Dance. After challenging casting his excepted in the main crew and by that expands his street dance knowledge even further through hard and long hours of training at the studio. Fast-forward 2 years Denislav is teaching his own class – Trap Choreography in VS Dance Studio and behind his back are multiple stage and club performances, events like 365 Hip-Hop Awards 2015, VS Life 2014,2015 and music videos, one of them with the famous Vesi Boneva – Razpalvam Mikrofonite.

Meanwhile, his dance group Switch becomes a dance academy with 8 people Core team, 5 different subgroups, teacher development program and more than 100 members.

In 2016 Denislav is faced with a hard decision to stay or to leave the comfort of his country and seek further dance development in the UK. He chooses the second, allowing his core team to take over the managing of Switch Dance Academy and to look after it. His departed from VS dance with best wishes and jumps into his next adventure leaving abroad.

In his 5 years in the UK Denislav was able to take part in many dance classes, workshops and camps like HDI 2016, 2017, 2018 – UK and I Am In Camp – Poland 2019 which allowed him to fully amerce in the street style and culture.


It helped him to become a more diverse and complete dancer, choreographer and tutor.

Through his years of training, Denislav was able to take classes from world-class choreographers like:

Wildabeast (US), Parris Goebel (NZ), Brian Friedman (US), Galen Hooks (US), Kaea (NZ), Tony Tzar (US), Ysabelle Capitule (US) , Kenzo Alvares (NL) and Maniek Kotarski (PL).

UK Choreographers like Kenrick H2O Sandy, Frankie J., Home Bros, Dominic- Lawrence and Shaun Niles.

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