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Zoom Guide 

How does zoom work?

Zoom is an international platform for online meetings. Each class is a separate meeting with a separate meeting ID and password. Access is only granted to those who are enrolled in those classes. Our teachers will be teaching their classes from their usual studios as the infrastructure and technology is in place there and tech support is at hand in case it is needed.

How do I access my online class?

Log into your customer portal.  This is the link:

Find the class you want to join and click the purple button next to your class "join online". 


Once you have clicked the link it will prompt you to agree to our zoom terms and conditions. Once you do that it will take you to the final link which takes you to the meeting.  All zoom classes take place at their usual scheduled time on the current studio timetable.

In class Zoom house keeping 

Zoom practical tips:

  • At the start of the class the teacher will take a register and take  a minute or two to make sure you are are all connected ok and the teacher can see the students clearly (as much as that’s possible) Obviously we have to be considerate to personal circumstances at home. If at all possible we would like to see as much of the person  as possible so we can effectively correct the dancers.

  • We always have original sound enabled on our side so you should hear the music and any sound exactly as the teachers hear it in the studio without any background noise  filters. 

  • Once the students are all settled the teacher will press the “mute all” button. 

  • Once muted you will have to un-mute yourself to answer or ask any questions. 

  • Zoom has a 40 min meeting limit but should the class exceed this and turn off please just log in via the same link to continue the class.

  • The chat function should only be used if absolutely necessary as it can be very distracting for teachers.  

  • Please do NOT unmute yourself unless you are asked to by your teacher as this will spotlight your screen for all the students and the teacher will disappear from their view.

  • You have two choices of view. In Gallery view you can see the whole class but your teacher will be very small. On speaker view (or active speaker view on an iPad) you will be able to see teacher only in a much bigger format .This is recommended for most classes.

  • Once the class finished the teacher will say goodbye and end the meeting for everyone.

How much space do I need ?

We are fully aware that space at home can be very limited but children have achieved amazing learning even in the smallest of spaces. Of course you want to make sure that your space is safe to move in and free of anything you might knock over or damage. Teachers will of course tailor classes to limited space and always give alternatives that can be adapted to any space. 

I can not allow my children to tap on our floor

You can easily do your tap class on carpet and in any pair of shoes as you will still be able to learn the sequences which can then be put into practice and perfected once back at the studio. If you are a very keen tapper then you could get yourself a piece of MDF or ply to act as a practice tap board at home. 

I cant get on the class. Is there anyone to help?

Tech support will be available via the studio phone number 0161 962 8333 and an administrator is on hand to monitor all online classes. 

Are they going to miss much if they don't join in on zoom?

We have some lovely things planned for parents, friends and family at the end of this term and we have started working on this in class last term. We will be continuing to work on this during the next four weeks on zoom so it would be nice for you to be able to join us. Equally we will continue with exam work as there are numerous exam sessions booked in 2021.

Is it worth doing Acro and Gym classes at home?

Of course it is not the same experience as coming into the studio. but it has definitely helped children to stay strong, flexible and motivated during the last lockdown. Children work on conditioning  (in lots of fun ways), flexibility and shaping of all the important positions that enable students to do all the more advanced skills. You will need a slightly bigger space (such as the living room) and a soft surface or mat. We also ask that an adult is present in the room to help with any spotting and to supervise activities.

My child is anxious about doing lessons online. Is there anything I can do to help them?

Some children do not like the idea of being on a screen so if you are happy our suggestion would be to try the class with your screen turned off. This will prevent the teacher from providing any feedback but it might mean the child feels more comfortable to follow along. Please do let us know in advance if this is an issue.

For more information and clarification please do not hesitate to contact us on or

See you on a zoom screen very soon! 

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